The Beauty That Never Lasts

I’d rather be the bright blooms

Of Shizuokas cherry blossoms

Welcoming the early april serene

And breathing the soft champaign pink

Like in Murakami’s pages

The pristine beauty that never lasts

The petal carpet which once adorned the ground

Is now fading into a mere memory

I’d rather be the unnoticed –

And die in the blink of an eye.


C’est La Vie

Little were we, when we first walked into those strange walls, wrapping amma’s fingers with our tiny hands, refusing to let go and with that watery eyes longing for the sight of home. With every cautious step we took, we curiously looked around the strange walls, and these walls; we never knew would be our world, our home, library, playground and what not.

Well, that was the beginning of our journey of togetherness, with all those neatly pressed uniforms, fancy bottles, colorful textbooks, magic pots, snack breaks, and community lunches. The butterflies we chased, the trees we climbed, the dreams about tooth fairies and superheroes, the pranks we played and the magic we believed in as the tiny toddles we were.

We grew up together, blinded by the fact of us slowly turning into young teens. Now obsessed with Harry Potter and Sherlock Homes, having to hear teacher’s never-ending boring lectures, waiting for lunch breaks, bunking classes, craving for games periods, so many of us sharing a single lunch box, calling each other silly names, break ups, patch ups, teddy hugs, flying kisses, the butterflies and crushes which always held us back to school even in difficult times and having our wolf pack, never leaving our side, no matter what. Little did we know that we were living the most beautiful phase of our life!

And even after these twelve years which flickered away like twelve months, life was all about physics, chemistry, and biology with all those nerve-wracking assignments, practical classes, periodic tests, entrance tuitions, and extra coaching classes. Amidst these traumatic situations, we still found our own time to laugh- teasing each other and playing silly pranks. We stood by each other through thick and thin, and the pack, same as ever, yet stronger, have never let us walk alone.

We’ve all come a long way and have a long way to go. From coloring books and toothless smiles to unfortunate chemistry texts and grown up yet cheerful us. Now with every day passing, there are these beautiful memories which will hold us back together, no matter how far we go away from each other. In less than  few days may be our journey of togetherness will end. But only in the miles which keep us apart…never in our hearts! C’est la vie. (That’s life!)



If Death Steals Me Away

If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Beyond the woods, oceans and the sky

Won’t you spare a minute or two?

To sit beside me for one last time

To remember me

For I shall rejuvenate once again

In you, your heart

In the breeze that gently touches your fingertips

And in the pale light that kiss your cheeks


Won’t you cherish the last sight of me?

And the way regret filled your eyes

And rolled down your face


If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Wherein time doesn’t exist

Don’t you walk past, like the rest

Never noticing me, my scars

The brokenness in my frozen smile

The wounds,

The wounds which only you can see

Somewhere deep inside my lifeless cadaver


For he is Poetry

For he is poetry

Alluring, elegant

And most intricately written

Not in a paper

Nor in an inscription

But in the cracked chamber of my heart

Deep inside.

The Girl with the Wings


There she lies

The girl with the wings

Cold and pale

Devoid of life


Her flawed heart beats no more

But her eyes tell a story

That of a girl

Who once did fly

Beyond the bounds


But time made her weak, numb and pale

Haunted by the ghost of her past

Which suffocated her to obscurity


Confined from within,

She decided to drown

In something other than her past

So she leaped into the water

And let herself sink


There she lies

The girl with the wings

Whose eyes tell a story

That of a girl

Who once could fly

Beyond the clouds

But instead, cut her wings,

Drowned and died.

Labor Of Love



Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I do. In fact, I believe in love prior to sight. Yes, there is that one person who has loved us even before we were moulded into this so-called physique and even before having caught a glimpse of us.

The one who nurtured us within her womb, wiped our milk-stained faces with bliss, who plants kisses on our cheeks with utmost happiness and does anything and everything to see that childish laughter on our faces.

She gifted us life from within, empowered us to stand on our own feet, gave us wings to fly, the courage to encounter the world, the power to face all the challenges and walk forth, stood by our side through thick and thin and taught us to be a voice, not an echo.

The only person who loves us in the most unalloyed form. It is a love that has no bounds, no language yet unconditional and at times unspoken. She who can feel our every heartbeat. And there is that special bond and magical memories we share. A woman like no other, our guardian angel, our mother.



If Love is Forever, We Shall Meet in Eternity


It was nothing but beautiful

The way her gentle hands held the enchantress’s quill

The way she inked it in her scarlet blood

The way she touched his wounded heart with the same


And she wrote in that golden chamber, deep inside,

The magical spell of the guardian angel

The spell that would heal his wounds and bring him back to bliss


She wrote till the dawn merged the dusk,

In the blend of evening melancholy

Her body trembling, heart pounding and her hands bleeding,

Very much aware that she won’t last to see another daylight


The fragrance of her delicate blood evoked him slightly

With tears, she smiled and whispered to him

“If love is forever, we shall meet in eternity “


She was a splendid dream,

Powerful enough to wake him

But she chose to be the dreamer

And dreamt a dream,

That never woke her up.


Awake, Arise and Let the Darkness not Prevail!

a829bde171458986d54d25a16c59351eWell, I am an Indian. India, the land of gods, ethics, traditions, and cultures in which people worship Bharat Mata and various goddesses yet thousands of women become victims of acid attacks, domestic violence, sexual harassment, molestation, sex-selective abortions, child marriages, forced prostitution, rape, trafficking and many more crimes every single day!

Yes, I belong to a country in which a girl is neither safe inside her mother’s womb nor outside it, a country in which even now there are millions of young souls who are not allowed to raise their voices, stand up and fight for themselves, a country in which the society blames and judges the women who have been raped more than the rapist. India. The world’s largest democracy with the longest handwritten constitution which guarantees every citizen their fundamental rights.

So, what has our government promised us even after seventy years of independence? The government, which is powerful enough to change the currency and tax system overnight, the government that thumps and punishes people who kill gho mathas, the government that criminalizes citizens who refuse to stand up for the national anthem in theatres. Yet it fails in execution when it comes to punishing rapists who have brutally tortured the life out of someone! How shameful.

Death by firing squad is what a rapist can expect in North Korea.In China, the rapist is killed by firing a single bullet at the spinal chord joining the neck and in countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, the person who has been convicted of rape is sedated and beheaded in public, stones are thrown at him until the moment he dies or will be shot in the head within four days of getting caught.

In fact, there are many countries including dictatorships and monarchy wherein people think twice before committing a crime, and rape is almost unthinkable. So what difficulty will the World’s largest democracy face to make laws in which the rapists and criminals are brutally killed in front of the public for their inhuman act?Well, I’m not comparing our country with others but a  justice delayed is always a justice denied.

After all, how long will it take for a human to turn into an animal? There are those masked creatures amongst us for whom all the women are indistinguishable. They who forget that it is a woman who has brought them into this world. They don’t deserve a simple death. Every inch of their body should burst in pain; they should cry and plead for their life. They don’t deserve anything less.

So, instead of telling our daughters to dress carefully without showing their skin, let us teach our sons to respect girls. If not us then who? And if not now then when? Let there be no more Asifas, Soumyas, Anjana Mishras, Imranas and Bhanwari Devis to be prayed for. Let there be no more India’s daughters to spare.

#justice for Kathua and Unnao



She who discovered charm in everything but herself. You have seen her. She is amongst us, she is you, she is me.

Every morning she woke up with messy hair, watery eyes, and a broken heart…but wore a smile, the most beautiful one, which unfortunately was not her’s.

But why did she love the rainstorms? Was it because no one noticed her tears when she drowned in them? Why did she crave the darkness? Was it because no one noticed her scars in the same?

She didn’t excel in academics, nor did she do well in sports. She didn’t have a magical voice, nor was she able to sketch magic through art. And yes, she was the lost girl, who lived a lonely, depressed, frail and hopeless life. But she never knew that she possessed a soul which was rare but real and she never knew that real was beautiful!

She was never her daddy’s princess nor her mommy’s angel but she was a warrior. A true one.She fought her demons forever. She was struggling for her survival. She was crying, no one noticed, drowning, no one saw, screaming, no one heard, falling, no one supported.

And one day she stopped fighting. She could no longer struggle and slowly…let them win.She slept for eternity.

You miss her, don’t you? Yes…you do, even I do. So next time when you see her, don’t you walk away. Sit by her side, give her a warm hug, kiss her on the forehead and tell her how beautiful she is because as I told you, she is here, amongst us and that’s all she needs!

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